Monetize with
Revlum offerwall.

100% Platform Coverage

Integrate and run easily on web and mobile.

30% Engagement Rate

Implement a network fine-tuned for success.

$1,000 eCPM

Monetize high-value advertisement actions.

Monthly Payouts

Collect monthly payments from Revlum.

End-to-end monetization.

Ad experiences that meet user needs. Friendly environment with a 100% opt-in engagement. Ad network built to boost in-app economies.


Ads that keep up.

The Revlum offerwall ensures steady and predictable revenue for app publishers, resulting from ad engagements their users create. Revlum connects users and advertisers in a 100% opt-in manner. Your non-paying users will also support you financially without having to spend real money, and earn valuable in-app rewards doing it.

User-friendly monetization.

Revlum provides a non-intrusive approach to maximizing lifetime value of your user base. offerwall users have a 5-7x higher engagement rate than the rest of your audience, which speaks to the positive effect of offerwalls on the user experience and loyalty. Giving your free users a feel of your premium content will result in new conversions, as the users realize the benefits of the paid service.

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Predictable revenue.

  • Monthly payouts for app publishers
  • 100% ad fill-rate & quality traffic
  • No charges to work with Revlum
  • Revenue-split engagement model
  • Simple integration.

  • Multiple integration options
  • Well-documented code
  • Growth support for app publishers
  • Technical team available 24/7
  • Customer success.

  • Security procedures and tools
  • Full-time monitoring & support
  • Dedicated Account managers
  • Custom strategy for each publisher
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    Earning methods.

    Grow your app revenue via a single platform through three unique formats:

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Surf Ads
  • Developers

    Integrate offerwall now.

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    Acquire users at scale.

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