User Growth with App Wall - Key Steps

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Offerwall represents one of the most profitable ad units for developers. It doesn’t just generate revenue, it also increases the user retention and engagement rate by listing challenges that users can complete in exchange for in-app rewards. The in-app award exchange keeps them coming back to the game to receive their awards. 


It is an in-app advertisement system that helps developers reward users' engagement and generate revenue from both paid and free users. They provide businesses with the potential to increase app revenue while also improving user retention and interaction.

If you have decided to choose an offerwall as a part of your user monetization strategy, below are a few pointers to take into consideration. 


One of the main advantages of choosing offerwall for user monetization is that it increases the potential of retaining long-term players. The players feel invested with all the rewards they receive, which they can use later. The awards keep the players loyal and tie them to the game for the long term.


Offerwall is the best way to generate revenue through monetization of non-paying players. Some of the players are simply not interested in paying or cannot pay. These players are more than willing to pay with their time. You may be wondering how these players will get monetized. Setting the App Wall currency to be the same as the reward you've set in the store will ensure you receive the same amount of money from the players who complete the challenge as the ones who are paying with real money.


eCPM or effective cost per thousand impressions is an estimated revenue per thousand ad impressions. Offerwall has the highest eCMPs of any ad unit. It can generate around 10 times more eCMPs than rewarded ad units because the advertisers target highly engaged players to invest. For example; deep-seated challenges in the advertiser’s game like “reach level 20” will generate a high amount of revenue for the advertiser, this will also help with acquiring a high-quality user.


Offerwall is a better fit for mid-core and hardcore games as it attracts more committed players. App Wall provides great impetus to progress because they attract an interested audience willing to devote their time to move through the game. On the other hand, hyper-casual games are not the best fit because the nature of the game demands players to be less invested in the long run. These gamers aren’t interested in long-term commitments and need snackable content.


Engagement rate is the total number of users who engages with the ad units. In the case of offerwall, it mostly caters to gamers who are highly engaged. It tends to lower the overall engagement rate when compared to other ad units, as the engagement rate's main target is the group of gamers who are more invested in the game than the rest of the players. However, as we discussed previously App Wall drives highly invested long-term gamers, who have high usage rates and eCMPs.


The use of different operating systems comes with a number of different limitations. Using iOS limits you as one cannot assess many KPIs from ad clicks. In such a case, using an Android is more effective than an iOS as it has a high amount of challenges to give the users. However, Revlum ensures a steady flow of premium challenges across all platforms.


It is important to understand what things you will need in order to make the most out of using offerwall. For user monetization the game needs two main things:

  1. Currency that is worth making an effort for.
  2. Players who are willing to make that effort.


Offerwall can only work efficiently if the players think that the currency they are getting is worth the struggle and competition. This currency is called the hard currency. It is the currency that has the highest possible value for the player, it is usually represented with gems or diamonds, etc. The value of a currency is determined by different players differently. For instance; if they aren’t able to get it for free, or only a small amount is received, or they can’t buy the currency by trading different forms of game currency. If the player thinks the currency is valuable they are more likely to complete the challenge on the App Wall.


Usually, the main target of the offerwall is the players who find value in the hard currency and want to progress ahead in the game but are reluctant in spending money on in-app purchases. Long-term players are the benchmark that shows how many players stay continually active in the game after a significant amount of time has passed (usually more than 30 days). Loyal gamers who stay active regularly will find more valuable challenges in the App Wall as they are already invested in the game. 

The games that have the combination of “long-term players” and “hard currency” are more likely to benefit from the offerwall. This is the reason App Wall is considered more profitable for mid-core and hard-core genres, like shooters, RPGs, and strategies.


The location of the offerwall is everything. The amount and quality of the gamers can be determined by their interaction with App Wall. A better location will increase the number of revenue ads can generate. Some of the best locations for maximizing revenue and engagement in the App Wall are as follows: 


Home Screen placement is your best friend if you are looking for the best exposure possible. The home page is one of the first things that come into view when the players open the game. Placing the traffic driver on the home page will expose the offerwall to the maximum number of players possible. It will also increase the overall player engagement, as the amount of users passing through the home page is maximum.


The game store is one of the crucial spots to place the offerwall. The players will naturally be attracted to the store when they need to buy some hard currency. Placing the App Wall in the store will divert the gamers’ attention to getting hard currency without needing to spend anything. 


Adding the offerwall as a prompt will help in generating more leads. Some people don’t even realise that they are missing hard currency. Placing a prompt at the right moment will grab the player’s attention as it is an easy and free alternative to getting hard currency.


The developers are advised to use pop-ups to promote sales opportunities that increase the value of rewards for a limited time. For example; doubling the coins for two days over the Christmas weekend. Showing the gamers these promotional pop-ups as soon as they open the game will help in increasing the visibility of these sales.


If you properly understand the main components of the offerwall and know how to use it, the immediate and long-term benefits will likely be a positive surprise. Putting together a solid plan for your currency and players, as well as knowing where and how to place the ad unit, can make or break your game's profitability and overall success.

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