Scalable Offerwall Growth Strategies

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One of the most cost-efficient ways to acquire high-quality users is to run an offerwall campaign. 

The offerwall comes in the form of a mini-store within the game. It urges users to perform and complete small tasks in return for in-game currency. 

This tactic ensures the acquisition of high-quality users who will engage for months, even years. It also helps advertisers generate very high ARPU. 

One extremely important thing is that the campaigns need to be optimized with ROAS in mind as one of the key metrics of success.

The tips in this article will help you optimize your offerwall campaign for maximum profit.

Select CPE Events Based On Real Data

It is important not to compare your ad campaign with your competitors'. It is not necessary that what works for your competitor will work for you as well. 

The best strategy is to choose the right CPE event for your offerwall campaign to run. It will increase the chance to maximize long-term profit and engagement. 

Your data should be the key factor in choosing where to target your ad campaigns. It is better to target your ad campaign right after the “tipping point”. It's a good time to increase the engagement rate and will encourage the player to move forward with the game and even make an in-game purchase. 

Running at least three offerwall campaigns will help you navigate better when creating your next strategy. 

You will be able to predict the player's next move and strategize your event placement according to the data you have collected from the previous three campaigns.

Bid High For Special Events

Any big holiday like Thanksgiving, New Year's, or Christmas brings in greater traffic as everyone is trying to enjoy or relax.

Your promotional offers combined with the holiday traffic is fair game for earning more profit. It is better to build excitement in the players by announcing your promotions for the big day beforehand and making it a limited-time offer. 

The anticipation will help in retaining the players. It is also recommended to bid higher than you would on normal days, as the holiday traffic will help you capitalize on your promotions. 

It will bring your offer to the top and your bid will be the first one to be seen by the users.

Set Specific “ROAS" Goal For Each Event

Do you know what a waste of your time and money it is when you use the same ROAS goal for every event? 

The setting of ROAS goals mainly depends on LTV (Lifetime Value Curves). Each offerwall event will have a varied LTV curve. 

Your campaign's ROAS goals must be optimized on the basis of the accurate LTV curve. Only then will your campaign be successful and garner the results that you require.

Once you have set the ROAS goal, let it run for 60-90 days and observe any changes and analyze the results accordingly. If you see a noticeable change, you can make adjustments to your ROAS plans once the campaign has run its course.

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