Multi-Reward Offerwall Campaigns

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Most successful apps use some type of offerwall to boost their monetization strategy. These offerwalls are a great way for advertisers to reach new audiences and promote their business in a cost-efficient way.

Now, let’s take a step back and see why they’re useful.

Apps build virtual economies around hard currencies like coins, gems, or tokens. These are usually acquired by progressing through the game or purchasing them with real currency.

Here’s where a few key issues come to mind. A lot of users are not ready to invest additional funds to gain more virtual currency because they:

  • don’t have access to their own funds
  • currently don’t have any funds
  • are not sure whether the premium price is worth it

The great thing about offerwalls is that they can help address these issues by giving users the option to gain virtual currency by investing their time instead of their funds.

Alright, we have covered the basics, so what are multi-reward systems?

Instead of offering a simple “Sign in” or “View this ad” task, which will bring you new users but won’t make sure they return, multi-reward systems take it a step further.

The flowchart below displays a simple set of actions that a user can be given with the multi-reward offerwall system:

Another, more complex example that can be great for crypto projects could be: