Mobile Game Monetization Checklist

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Of all the available monetization strategies out there, App Walls are becoming far more appealing to app developers and studios, and it’s easy to see why. With an eCPM as high as $1,600 not to mention the possible 7x retention rates. This strategy has the ability to boost IAPs, as well as ad engagement. However, this doesn’t mean it's the best for every scenario, but there are those that really show the benefits of this strategy, so follow along while we explore them.

What is your app’s purchase economy like?

At the core of an App Wall, is the understanding that the user gets rewarded for completing tasks, however, these rewards must be appealing in nature. An ecosystem where hard-to-earn in-game currency is predominant or special perks need to be gotten with real-world money is just one of the best scenarios where the App Wall strategy shines. These include RPGs, simulators, and strategy games to name a few. In effect, the higher the value of the rewards the better the success of the App Wall.

Such apps effectively gain larger user engagement with the App Wall for as much as 14x in some cases over conventional methods for the sole fact that we are dealing with a complex in-app economy where currency or hard-to-get items are in demand. Going a step further by reducing the difficulty of play and gaining rear advantages are just some of the ways to increase the margins even more.

How easy is it for product teams to implement App Wall creatively?

Like every other industry timing and positioning is key. The optimization of the App Wall is in direct correlation to increased eCPM and a boost in revenue. In the US alone eCPM for Android alone reached above $1,600, with ARPDAU effectively outpacing rewards videos. 

If we are to take a closer look at RPGs and MMOs, we would note that high engagement isn't the only goal here. One of the key metrics to determine success is the acquisition and retention of high-value players. A rewards system that not only engages players but allows them to reach the level of a pro while also giving exclusive content to the existing pro players builds an effective strategy that goes beyond other strategies like video, display, and other rewarded formats in terms of ROAS.

User retention and acquisition

One of the best features of an App Wall is its versatility. As this can play a major role in user acquisition. The combination of the right CPE event such as reaching a certain level in the game, installing other games, and more can all be more creatively done with the right App Wall configuration. It allows developers to fit in user monetization i such a way that it enhances the user experience. Users will stay in a game for longer the more engaging the experience leading to higher retention.

It's already well established that the longer the retention you have for your users the more opportunities there are for monetization. Don’t forget, that users are more likely to interact with an App Wall just to be able to experience premium or limited edition content.

All this leads to increased revenue for the developer. Not only do they get to expand on the user's in-app experiences but are able to gain more high-value players as well as increase engagement rates. While at the same time reducing expenditure. 

Companies like Brayni saw a 4.1x revenue increase with strategic App Wall placement in 2021 while MoMomotion Games experienced a 76% growth in offer initializations throughout its 6-month testing period.

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