Key Features to Look for When Choosing an Offerwall

By: Ana
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Offerwalls can benefit your app or site by boosting ad revenue, increasing retention and getting more in-app purchases. 

These are all great, but they’re based on the benefits for you.

Forgetting about the user, and focusing on your benefits is an extremely common mistake that companies make, not just when it comes to choosing an offerwall.

Apart from the most basic questions you can ask yourself, like:

  1. Can my business benefit from an offerwall?
  2. Does my platform have a virtual economy?
  3. How will the new integration affect my current revenue model?

You should also take into consideration 3 key features that will make your decision more fact-based.


User Experience

Let’s face it, if your users aren’t happy, it doesn’t matter how great your offering is. The easiest fix for this? Focusing on user experience.

One of the top aspects to look for is element placement. It’s great to have something innovative, but you don’t want to go overboard: there’s a reason why some common practices are so popular.

Stick to what feels natural to the user - can they reach all the key elements without stretching their fingers excessively (in the case of mobile offerwalls)?

Next is simplicity, which doesn’t always have to be boring. In this case, it’s all about the logical flow of actions within the offerwall - can the user navigate it without having to do cartwheels?