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Nobody is perfect, including us. While we believe and know that offerwalls are a great way to acquire and retain new users in a cost effective way, we also know that there are some things offerwalls can’t do. 

For example, offerwalls do not have a direct impact on App Store Rankings which are influenced by multiple factors including beyond downloads and engagement metrics. Offerwalls are also not present on App Store Ads which can be compared to skipping a prime-time advertising slot on TV. That’s why a combination of advertising strategies is the way to go if you want to grow your app successfully and sustainably.

Why diversify?

Balanced Growth

As mentioned above, relying on a single channel can stall your growth because no channel is market-proof, that’s why a diversified strategy can provide a certain level of stability. 

For example, when Facebook adjusted its algorithm in early 2018, many businesses that relied heavily on the platform for organic reach experienced a significant drop in their content's visibility. Organic reach declined by over 50% for some pages. This impacted apps and businesses that solely relied on Facebook for growth.

Cost Efficiency

Understanding the markets where you aim to grow your app is the key to leveraging cost effective advertising channels. Apart from that, you also need to be aware of where your app genre stands in the market. 

According to a 2021 report from Statista, the average cost per installation (CPI) of casual gaming apps varies widely across platforms and genres. For instance, Lifestyle apps had a CPI for iOS of $2.96 , whereas for Android, it was $2. On the other hand, Puzzle apps had an iOS CPI of $4.53, while the Android CPI was at $1.11. 

Another factor that impacts the expenditure for CPI models is the region, where North America and EMEA countries usually have higher CPIs compared to other regions.

Reaching Broader Audiences

Different channels might tap into different user bases. Apple Search Ads target iOS users, while Google App Campaigns targets Android users. 

According to Statcounter, as of July 2023, Android holds almost 71% of the mobile operating system market share globally, while iOS had around 29%. 

Despite this global majority for Android OS, with Apple Search Ads, developers have a direct line to the premium and often more affluent demographic that characterizes the Apple user base, and it can be very effective for apps targeting markets where iOS has a significant footprint, ensuring higher visibility in these lucrative regions such as USA, Japan, and Oceania.

Using Multiple Channels for Informed Decision Making

Tapping into different advertising channels not only broadens your reach but also provides a goldmine of data on user behavior, preferences, and conversion patterns. 

For example, according to an AppsFlyer report, iOS users tend to have a higher in-app purchase (IAP) rates than Android users. Such insights can help you tailor your in-app pricing strategies, promotions, or even user experience based on the operating system.

But it’s not just about understanding user preferences—it's about adapting and evolving. By continuously iterating based on user feedback and data, you can ensure sustained growth and adaptability.


It's not uncommon for any advertising channel to fluctuate over time. Factors such as platform updates, competition, audience saturation, or regional trends can influence the effectiveness of any given channel. 

To ensure maximum returns on investment (ROI), it's crucial to monitor performance metrics closely and be agile in your budget allocations.

Take this hypothetical scenario: you’ve split your budget equally between Channel A and Channel B. After a while, you notice that the cost per acquisition through Channel B is 25% lower than through Channel A. Your next step will probably be to reallocate some of the Channel A budget to Channel B.

Where to diversify?

The verdict is clear, diversification is the way to go. But which channels should you opt for?

This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads come into play. ASO ensures your app shines organically in search results and Apple Search Ads provide the targeted visibility you need in a sea of competitors.

One name stands out as an industry beacon: SplitMetrics. Their expertise isn't merely rooted in their status as an Apple Search Ads partner; it's evident in their nearly decade-long legacy of providing mobile growth for hundreds of apps. SplitMetrics offers an innovative platform for mobile A/B testing, user acquisition, and promotion allowing developers to optimize app store product pages and gain invaluable insights into user behavior to boost their growth.

Undoubtedly, the synergy between Apple Search Ads and ASO has been a hot topic within the industry for the past couple of years. When these two strategies are aligned on the client side, the results are nothing short of remarkable. We’ve seen this recently while working with Restyle, a new AI-based app from Reface – a company and app of the same name with over 250 million users worldwide.

The client strategically harnessed the power of SplitMetrics Optimize to A/B test product page assets across various App Store locations. At the same time, they leveraged SplitMetrics Acquire to launch Apple Search Ads campaigns, targeting their core keywords. The ASO-driven changes led to the CR increase for organic traffic across the Browse and Search sections, with a remarkable 62% relative growth from search impressions to app downloads. At the same time, Apple Search Ads TTR increased by +35.26% and CR – by +6.47%. Explore the full case study here.

Lidiia Mylenka, Marketing and Channel Team Leader at SplitMetrics

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is like "SEO for apps." Just as businesses want their websites to appear at the top of search engine results, app developers want their apps to be at the top of search results in app stores. 

ASO managers are constantly striving to “crack the code” of app store algorithms to achieve higher rankings in organic search results. The challenge is that this “code” undergoes changes with every algorithm update. Additionally, ASO managers must contend with other challenges, such as the highly competitive business landscape and ever-evolving user needs. All these factors necessitate continuous A/B testing of app icons, titles, descriptions, screenshots, and video previews to enhance visibility and boost conversions.

We designed SplitMetrics Optimize to help ASO professionals test product page assets across various app store locations, such as Product Page, Search Page, and Category Page. For example, Ciliz aimed to improve the product page conversion rate for their most popular product, “Spin the Bottle”—a casual dating app that receives daily visits from 1 million users. SplitMetrics Agency experts created several versions of app icons based on the up-to-date design trends, tested them using SplitMetrics Optimize, and then uploaded the winning variation to the app product page. As a result, “Spin the Bottle” by Ciliz achieved a 19.4% increase in conversions. Read the full case study here.

To excel in ASO, we recommend:

·        Keep an eye on your competitors’ product pages using specialized ASO solutions like App Radar.

·        Continuously monitor ASO benchmarks and design trends that are dominating your vertical.

·        Enhance UA journey personalization by leveraging the capabilities of App Store’s custom product pages and Google Play’s custom store listings.

·        Harness the power of AI-driven tools for various tasks, including creating product page copies, mining meta keywords, and analyzing user reviews.

Yuliya Tsimokhava, ASO Manager at SplitMetrics

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads is like "paying for a prime spot in the App Store." When people search for specific terms in the App Store, Apple Search Ads ensure that your app appears at the top of the search results, almost like a sponsored ad on a search engine. By using Apple Search Ads, app developers can boost their app's visibility, ensuring more people see (and hopefully download) their app.

Apple reports that the App Store receives more than 650 million weekly visitors. Apple Search Ads presents an excellent opportunity to capture their attention as they search for their next app. Currently, there are four ad placements located on the Today Tab, the Search Tab, in search results, and on product pages.

When partnering with our enterprise-level clients, we’ve consistently witnessed remarkable outcomes by employing a multi-placement advertising strategy alongside advanced campaign management. A notable example is MY.GAMES, a prominent European publisher and developer with over 1 billion users worldwide. Seeking to elevate Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD brand recognition and expand into new markets, they harnessed the power of SplitMetrics Acquire, an intelligent Apple Search Ads management solution. Their campaigns spanned across the Today tab, the Search tab, product pages, and search results.

The outcome was impressive: a 24% increase in impressions and a 30% surge in taps for brand campaigns following the inclusion of Today tab ads. Overall, the client achieved an astounding 11x increase in revenue over two years while leveraging the Apple Search Ads channel. Explore the full version of the case study here

Mykhailo Talashko, Customer Success Team Lead at SplitMetrics

The synergy between Offerwalls, App Store Optimization & Apple Search Ads

The integration of Offerwalls, Apple Search Ads, and ASO provides a multi-faceted approach to user acquisition and expanding your app's reach.

Here’s a basic overview of these channels:

Offerwalls: More than just monetization tools within games or apps, offerwalls also act as a promotional tool. By giving users the chance to win in-app currency in exchange for completing various offers provided by advertisers.

Apple Search Ads: Beyond being mere paid placements at the top of App Store searches, these ads act as a direct promotional avenue, capturing users actively searching for relevant apps.

ASO (App Store Optimization): While ASO makes apps discoverable organically in the App Store, it's undeniably a form of promotion. Making sure an app ranks high in search results through optimized titles, descriptions, and visuals ensures it gets seen, and more importantly, downloaded.

The Collective Benefits of combining these Channels

Multi-Channel Visibility

When a user searches for a relevant keyword, an app optimized with ASO might appear organically. But with Apple Search Ads, it also appears as a promoted result. Add to this mix an offer from an offerwall promoting the app, and the user gets multiple touchpoints leading back to the same app.

User Acquisition through Engagement

Upon downloading an app through an offerwall, users aren’t just passive downloaders; they’re more likely to be engaged users, given they've completed an action to get the app in the first place.

Download Prompted by Familiarity 

Familiarity is a powerful persuasion tool, and here’s why: If a user has already seen the app through a search result (thanks to ASO and Apple Search Ads) and then encounters it again on an offerwall, the repeated exposure can drive trust and encourage the download. 

Maximum Impact, Minimum Investment

Advertising expenses can be a real headache if you’re just starting out with app promotion. especially when you're navigating the initial phases of app promotion. It's not just about spending; it's about spending wisely. 

That’s why it’s crucial to choose channels that have a good price to performance ratio.

With the powerful combination of ASO, Apple Search Ads & Offerwalls, you can create a growth-driven strategy that allows you to be smart with your investment.

To recap: this multifaceted strategy not only allows for budgetary flexibility but also ensures you get the most bang for your buck. In an ad ecosystem brimming with competition, it's about making smart, informed decisions that propel your app to the forefront, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Take the leap with our dynamic offerwall and harness the expertise of Splitmetrics. Don't just be another app in the crowd; stand tall and make an impact!

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