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The Gaming Accelerator program at Revlum is a unique chance for game developers to grow their businesses. To help you succeed, we provide cutting-edge tools, expert advice, a marketing boost, and connections to other successful startups and publishers.

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Gaming accelerator benefits.

Technology and consulting:

As an in-app advertising company, we have developed cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of what it takes to make money from ads. By joining our Gaming Accelerator program, you'll get access to all Revlum resources and our guidance on how to boost your game's monetization strategy.


We'll help promote your project to our network of publisher partners, increasing your visibility and giving you the opportunity to connect with experienced founders who can offer valuable advice and support.


By joining the Gaming Accelerator program, you'll become part of our community of mobile game creators, with opportunities to collaborate, learn from each other, and share resources.


Selected participants who show extraordinary potential and alignment with our mission and values are offered investment opportunities.

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We're looking for founders who have a passion for mobile gaming and a strong commitment to their project. We'll also consider factors such as the quality and potential of the game, the team's experience and skills, and the fit with our company's mission and values.

Any developer working on a mobile game that is currently available on iOS, Android, or the web is welcome to apply to our Gaming Accelerator program. To create the next great mobile game, we need ambitious and creative leaders.

We'll work with you closely to give you personalized help that fits your needs. This includes technology and consulting services, chances to promote and network, and the chance to get investments. Even after the program is over, we'll continue to support you in the long run to help you achieve your goals.

The program typically lasts for six months, but this may vary depending on your needs and progress.