Survey API

In this section, you will learn how to properly use Revlum API.

The survey API is designed to be called by a backend/server. This API returns you the inventory we have available for you. The feed can be used to extend your existing offer inventory or build your own offer system.

To call an API you will need API_KEY. Here's how you can do it:


By calling the Get Surveys for Publishers Endpoint, you will get the full inventory of offers available in the Revlum network. The response should look like this:

      "title":"Revlum Survey",
      "description":"Complete a survey",

Filter Values Example
Platform android, ios, desktop, all,android
Country US, UK, or use (*) for all*
Category offer, survey
Limit page can't be without limit and can't be 0
Combined You can also combine all the parameters together for deeper filtering.,UK,CA&category=offer&platform=desktop&limit=100&page=1